Taranaki walkways

Walkway Classification

What all the terms mean.

Paths:Paths are well-formed and provide for easy walking suitable for all ages and most fitness levels. Access is provided on a durable surface such as concrete, chip seal or compacted gravel. Many paths cater for people with mobility difficulties or limitations, and children in pushchairs or prams.

Short Walk :Short walks are well-formed and provide for up to one hour's easy walking suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

Tramping Track: These tracks cater for more experienced backcountry adventurers including trampers, hunters, anglers and mountaineers. A few may be suitable for mountain bikers. The tracks generally follow the lie of the land and are commonly not formed.

Walking Track: Walking tracks cater for those who want a walk that takes from a few minutes to one full day return. These tracks are usually reasonably easy day trips with a low level of risk, and are of a standard to enable use by relatively inexperienced walkers with cIow level of backcountry skill. Some may be suitable for cyclists or mountain bikers as well as pedestrians.

Easy Tramping Track :These tracks cater for less experienced trampers expecting a low-risk experience. in the backcountry. They will generally be multi-day tramping tracks and some may be suitable for mountain bikers as well as pedestrians.

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