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illustrated by Thelma de Laney Green
A. H. & A. W. REED Welllngton : Auckland : Sydney

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The author and the artist gratefully acknowledge assistance given them in the preparation of this book. In the research for the illustrations valuable help came from Mr Rigby Allan, Director of the Taranaki Museum, and from the New Plymouth Library. Books consulted include: Adventure in New Zealand, by Jerningham Wakefield; The Establishment of thr New Plymouth Settlement, by J. Rutherford and W. H. Skinner; The Richmond-Atkinson Papers; Taranaki 1840-42, by W. H. Skinner; History of Taranaki, by B. Wells; Chronicles of the Garden of New Zealand, by W. H. J. Seffern; The New Zealand Wars, by James owan; History and Traditions of the Taranaki Coast, by S. Percy Smith; Early Travellers ill New Zealand, edited by Nancy M. Taylor; Journal of John Newland, and files of the Taranaki Herald. over illustration is a reconstruction by Thelma de Laney Green of part of a panoramic drawing of New Plymouth in 1943 by Mrs J. T. Wicksteed, wife of the Resident Agent of the New Zealand ornpany at New Plymouth. The drawing was made from the slopes of Mt Eliot, which was later levelled. The present railway station is on the approximate site of Mt Eliot.

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