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Govett Brewster

The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is New Zealand's first and only museum of contemporary art.
The latest addition to the GovettBrewster - the Len LyeCentre - is New Zealand's first institution dedicated to a single artist, the pioneering filmmaker and kinetic s~ulptor, Len Lye.
With its curved exterior walls of mirrorlike stainless steel, the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len LyeCentre is the country's first example of destination architecture linked to contemporary art.
Experience innovative and provocative work by New Zealand and international artists, an everchanging exhibition programme, giant kinetic works, a regular event and education programme, daily tours and a late-night on Thursdays. A quarterly film programme in the 62 seat Len LyeCentre Cinema plays daily, and the cinema is also a welcoming environment for audiences to experience, Len Lye's films, local and international cinema, arthouse and experimental films, and regular film festival programming. Tickets available online or at the GovettBrewster Shop.
For something a little different, try the Govett-Brewster Shop. Contemporary design and objects of inspiration, jewellery, Len Lye and Govett-Brewster merchandise, books, gift cards, kids' stuff and limited edition collaborations you won't find anywhere else.
Monica's Eatery, adjacent to the GovettBrewster, is an international art cafe inspired by the life and spirit of Monica Brewster, a globetrotter even before the golden age of air travel and the founding patron of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. Open seven days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Percy Thomson Gallery

The award-winning Percy Thomson Gallery is named after the former Stratford mayor, lawyer and farmerwho left asignificant bequest in his will to be used towards the establishment of a public art gallery.
The Stratford District Council established the Percy Thomson Trust to manage these facilities and to create, acquire, promote, exhibit and manage art collections for the benefit of Stratford District residents and the general public.
The gallery provides an exciting and diverse programme of exhibitions by , showing national and international touring shows, regional exhibitions and work by both established and emerging local artists and community groups. Visitors are both challenged and entertained.
Exhibitions are often changed every three to four weeks so you are sure to see something new whenever you visit. The building also houses the Stratford i-Site Visitor Information Centre and a cafe that is a perfect place to stop, browse and relax with a great cup of coffee before enjoying the current exhibitions.

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